Dental Services for Pets

All for Paws Animal Clinic provides comprehensive and quality dental care for your pet.

Pet Dental Services

At All for Paws Animal Clinic, we strive to ensure your pet has the best care for dental health.

Did you know bad oral health can have a significant impact on your pet’s health, especially, the kidneys and heart? The bacteria that attaches to your pet’s teeth in the form of plaque and tarter, can also damage a pet’s internal organs. Bad oral health typically equals bad physical health. That’s why it’s critically important  for your pet to have regular dental check-ups and to receive immediate oral treatment whenever issues are discovered.

Dental Services Include:

  • Dental Cleaning
  • Dental Radiographs
  • Dental Scaling
  • Dental Polishing
  • Dental Extractions

Common Questions About Pet Dental Services

Do dental cleanings require anesthesia?

Yes. Dental scaling and polishing is a full anesthetic procedure that requires intubation.

Is blood work required for dental procedures?

Blood work is required for pets 7 years of age or older. Although it is not required for pets younger than 7, it is still highly recommended to perform blood work to make sure the pet is healthy for anesthesia and provide us a baseline for future procedures or if the pet becomes ill in the future.

Is there an age limit for my pet’s dental procedure?

There is no age limit for dental procedures. Each pet is carefully assessed with a pre-surgical examination and blood work (if deemed necessary) to identify any potential risk factors. This allows us to adjust our anesthesia protocol for a safe dental procedure.

What is the cost of dental cleanings and extractions?

Dental procedures can range in cost depending on the severity of the pet’s teeth. To be able to provide you with an estimate specific to your pet, we ask that you bring your pet in for an exam to access the teeth.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Butler is fantastic! She is kind, caring, and compassionate. She has taken excellent care of my pets. Highly recommend her!

-Amanda Nichols

Dr. Butler and staff are awesome! Their pricing is very fair and reasonable. I will definitely be taking my fur babies back.

-Julie Fisher

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