Pet Boarding Services

Short-term and long-term pet boarding services for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and other pocket pets.*

Servicing the NRV – Blacksburg, Christiansburg & surrounding communities.

Peace of Mind for You & Your Pet

At All for Paws Animal Clinic, we care about animals and it shows in everything we do. When you entrust us to board your pet, it is our goal to provide the best possible experience, whether it’s for the day or for an extended stay.

! Important: Prior to your pet’s arrival, you must provide records showing current vaccinations performed by a licensed veterinarian.

Our goals for a positive pet boarding experience:

  1. Take the time to understand each guest’s individual needs
  2. Provide a safe environment (physically and emotionally)
  3. Provide a fun and entertaining experience for each guest
  4. Ensure easy communication and updates to family members while pets are in our care

Pet Boarding Accommodations & Services for Dogs:

  • Comfy standard runs – sized for your dog’s comfort
  • Deluxe runs – each run has glass doors providing for open visibility and comfort, larger space to allow your dog to stretch out, great for multiple pet families.
  • Outdoor play area – secure, open area great for free play, secure walks, and bathroom breaks
  • On-staff veterinarians for your pet’s medical needs
  • Classical background music to help provide a calming atmosphere
  • Color choices within our facilities are based on animal studies to create a soothing atmosphere

Additional Services for your Dog’s Stay (additional fees apply)

  • In-stay treatment & medical services
  • Bathing (complimentary for all stays over 7 days): price based on pet’s weight and hair coat length
  • Brushing out: $15
  • Nail Services: trimming $20 | Dremel trim $28 | painting $20
  • Ear cleaning: $20

Have Questions About Pet Boarding

Click on the button below to view answers to the most common questions about pet boarding at All for Paws.

Pet Boarding Accommodations & Services for Cats

  • Cats & dogs are boarded in separate parts of the building. We understand that cats are noise sensitive and we have provided a special environment to help provide a relaxing, less stressful, and enjoyable stay for your cat.
  • Hidden litter box area
  • Shelves for climbers
  • Hideaway box for privacy
  • Large bay windows provide visual stimulation
  • Catnip and rolly-ball provided for playtime
  • Classical background music to help provide a calming atmosphere
  • Color choices within our facilities are based on animal studies to create a soothing atmosphere

Additional Services for your Cat’s Stay (additional fees apply)

  • In-stay treatment & medical services
  • Bathing (complimentary for all stays over 7 days): $25
  • Brushing out: $15
  • Claw trimming $20
  • Ear cleaning: $20

Pet Boarding FAQS

Find answers to some of the most common questions about boarding your pet

Do I need to fill out an admission form?

Yes, you are required to fill out an admission form at the time of check-in.

Which types of animals do you board?

We board dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and other small “pocket-pets.”

Can I room 2 of my pets together in one room?

Yes, we offer larger rooms for multi-pet families.

Does my pet have to be neutered or spayed to stay here?
What happens if our return travel plans are delayed?
No worries. Just give us a call and we’ll come up with a solution.
Which vaccines are required for my pet to be boarded?

Dogs: current rabies, DHpp (distemper parvo parainfluenza, hepititis, bordatella)
Cats: current rabies, FVRCP

How do I confirm my pet has these vaccinations?

Pet owners must provide a vaccine certificate from a veterinarian. Receipt of purchase of vaccination from a retail store OR vaccines administered by a breeder is not accepted. Only vaccine certificates from a licensed veterinarian are accepted.

Is there an age requirement for my pet to be boarded?


My pet doesn't like other pets, is that a problem?

We do our best to accommodate pets that do not interact well with others. Please let us know if your pet requires special consideration when interacting with other pets.

Can I provide my own pet food?

Yes. We highly recommend that pet owners provide their own food in order to maintain your pet’s consistent diet.

Are you able to provide pet food?

Yes. If you forget to bring your pet’s food, no problem. We provide food that is intended to be gentle on the stomach.

Are you able to administer medications and/or dietary supplements during my pet's stay?

Yes. Our animal care technicians are trained to administer medications. If your pet has specific needs, we have licensed veterinary technicians to provide this service.

What if my pet has allergies to certain foods or treats?

Please notify our customer care representatives at the time of check-in.

Do you check for fleas?

Yes. All pets are carefully examined for fleas and ticks. If fleas and ticks are found, treatment is administered at the owner’s expense.

What is your cancellation policy OR what if our scheduled stay needs to be changed?

Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance to prevent additional charges. Please notify us immediately if your scheduled stay needs to change.

Do you accommodate pets with special needs?

Yes, please discuss these needs with our customer care representative when making your reservation.

Do you offer grooming services during my pet's stay?

No. However, we do offer additional ammenities such as bathing, brushing and nail services.

My pet has a special bedtime routine, can you accommodate?

Please discuss your pet’s special need with our customer care representative.

Do you offer special discounts for multiple pets, extended length of stays, or frequent stays?

No. Our pricing reflects the cost of staffing, materials and other resources on a daily basis.

Pet Boarding Testimonials

Our dog Cleo, is excited for her stay the moment we drop her off. She knows she’ll be well cared for and will have plenty of fun.
- Joe & Jennifer

We’ve always had a positive experience with our two dogs. We enjoy knowing that she’ll get plenty of exercise and that there’s a fully-trained veterinarian staff on-site.
- Tom & Laura

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We will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day. If you have an emergency during our normal business hours, please give us a call at (540) 382-0300. If outside our normal office hours, please call either the Virginia Tech Teaching Hospital in Blacksburg, VA at
(540) 231-4621 or Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke at (540) 563-8575.

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