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Information about pet health insurance and a comparison of pet insurance providers.

Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Only YOU can decide whether or not you need health insurance for your pet. However, with all of the advanced treatments and veterinary specialists available today, you now have many more options to improve and maintain your pet’s health.

Health insurance for your pet allows you to make the best treatment decision for both you AND your beloved pet without letting the cost of treatment get in your way.


All For Paws Animal Clinic accepts the following pet insurance providers:

Consider these financing options for your pet’s care:

Compare Pet Insurance Plans

What makes a pet insurance plan great? asked these pet insurance companies and industry this question. View the pet insurance comparison chart below to better understand how each pet insurance provider works.

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What counts as a pre-existing condition? Do some chronic conditions become pre-existing when a new policy term begins?An illness, disease, injury or change to a pet's health that first occurs or shows signs 1) before coverage is effective or 2) during
a waiting period. This includes conditions that ore related to, secondary or resultant from a
pre-existing condition. A condition will no longer be considered pre-existing if your pet's condition hos been cured and free from treatment and signs for a period of 180 days. With Complete Coverage, as long as there is no lapse in coverage, conditions will not become pre-existing when a new policy term begins.
An injury, illness or irregularity noticed before the end of the waiting period, even if the pet never went to see the veterinarian for it. Curable pre-existing conditions could
be covered moving forward if the pet is free of signs for 12 months.
A condition that hos shown signs 1) before the policy effective date or 2) during a waiting period. If
we cover the chronic condition, we continue to cover it when the policy renews. We even allow for some pre- existing conditions that are deemed curable to become eligible for coverage after the pet has gone 12 months from the last dote of treatment without showing any recurring signs.
An injury or illness that was present prior to the purchase of on insurance policy. Chronic conditions that ore eligible for coverage will remain eligible providing the policy is current and in good standing.A medical condition that first occurred
or showed clinical signs 1) before the effective dote of this policy or 2) during the policy waiting period. Certain conditions may be covered in the future if a pet goes a determined amount of time without further clinical signs. Chronic conditions are covered for the life of the pet as long as there in no lapse in coverage.
An illness or injury that begins 1) before a policy is effective or 2) during your waiting period.An illness, condition or injury for which signs or evidence of their potential manifestation existed 1) within the 18 months prior to the policy enrollment dote or 2) during applicable waiting periods.
How is wellness, non-illness or non-injury care covered? Preventive Care coverage is available.Wellness Rewards
(which works like
a Health Savings Account, with $250, $450 or $650 allowance per year) reimburses for everyday veterinary, training and grooming costs.
Not ApplicablePlans with wellness
(like Whole Pet Plan) or plans with a wellness rider are available.
Not ApplicableTwo tiers of routine care coverage are available. Not Applicable
Are veterinarians paid directly? Not TypicallyYes, when requested by the policyholder and agreed to by the veterinary practice.Not TypicallyNoYes, when requested by the policyholder and agreed to by the veterinary practice.Not TypicallyTrupanion Express desktop application pays veterinarians directly for clients' eligible claims in minutes at the time of checkout.
Does the plan offer a trial
period to pet owners?
Money-back guarantee within 30 days of policy effective date.30-day money-back guarantee30-day free look of insurance and Pet Cloud service; if pet owners don't submit claims and cancel within 30 days, they receive a full refund of the premium.Money-back guarantee 30-day trial period in states that allow it; 30-day money-back guarantee where applicable.Trial period, except in New York.Trupanion provides hospitals with special exam-day offers to hand out to clients with immediate coverage, waiving waiting periods instantly upon activation.
Do plans use a benefit schedule?No, except for Wellness coverage NoNoVaries based on plan NoNo, except for routine ­care coverage No
Are therapeutic diets covered?Yes, if specifically prescribed to treat an eligible condition.Yes, with optional Wellness Rewards program.No, except in cases
of therapeutic diets during treatment of bladder stones or urine crystals.
Yes, on the Whole
Pet Plan if prescribed to treat an eligible condition.
No, only nutritional or herbal supplements for a coverable accident or illness.NoYes, 50 percent of the cost of therapeutic food less the deductible and 10 percent coinsurance, when recommended by the veterinarian for treatment of covered injuries or illnesses for up to two months of feeding.
What dental work is covered? Are prophylaxes covered? If so, under what circumstances? Dental cleanings are covered if they're
for treatment of
a covered illness,
such as periodontal
disease. Otherwise,
a dental cleaning is only covered with optional Preventive Core coverage. While treatment of dental illnesses is covered under Complete Coverage, aesthetic, cosmetic and endodontic services
(including caps, crowns, fillings, root canals and planing) are not covered.
Dental work for fractured teeth
is covered (a new policy with more comprehensive dental up to $1,000 per term is coming soon), Prophylaxis is covered in the Wellness Rewards plan.
Non-routine dental work con be eligible for coverage if it is
an accident or illness, such as a broken tooth or extraction. Routine dental cleanings or prophylaxes are not covered.
Varies depending on the plan and wellness rider. Whole Pet Plans have broad coverage for periodontal and other oral diseases, including coverage for comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment (COHAT).Dental procedures for injuries and illnesses, such as periodontal disease, are covered; for example, pre­anesthetic testing, anesthesia, scaling./ polishing, radiographs, extractions, root canals, gingival pocket treatments, pain management and any applicable treatments recommended by
the veterinarian. A routine prophylaxis isn't covered unless recommended
as treatment for periodontal disease.
BestBenefit plans include coverage for dental injuries. In addition, periodontal disease is covered as long as-starting at the age of 3-the pet has had his or her teeth cleaned in the prior 13 months. Prophylaxes are covered under higher-tie routine care plan. Treatment for all new dental illnesses and injuries is covered, including extractions of permanent and baby teeth, root
canal treatment for canine or carnassial teeth, and endodontic treatment.s performed on other teeth. Routine dental cleanings are not covered, and compliance with
the veterinarian's recommended dental plan is necessary for dental coverage.
Are exam fees
for accidents or illnesses covered?
YesYesWith optional coverageYesYesYesNo
Are deductibles annual or per-
Annual deductiblesAnnual deductiblesAnnual deductiblesAnnual deductiblesAnnual deductiblesAnnual deductiblesLifetime per-condition deductibles
When are records required from
the veterinary
Pet owners con
submit records upon enrollment. Veterinary records may be required for same claims, which would be requested directly from the veterinarian.
Embrace asks for
records at the start of the policy, but they aren't required until o pet's first illness claim is submitted.
Records ore requested at time of first claim. Policyholders are
encouraged to upload all medical records to their pet's Pet Cloud portal.
Records may be requested at time of enrollment or at time of claim.Records ore requested at time of first claim. Company may occasionally ask for records for clarification of on invoice or for a new condition.Medical records are
only requested with o claim, and ore typically requested in less than 10 percent of claims.
Typically, when o
member files o first
claim, Trupanion
reaches out to the
treating veterinarian and any other hospital the pet visited to
collect medical records from the post 18
months. To pay claims as quickly as possible, Trupanion often asks for medical records
upon enrollment to
confirm pre-existing
conditions before a
first claim is filed.
What are customer service hours and formats?By phone, M-F
8am-9pm EST, Sat 9am-Spm EST, Sun 11am-3pm EST
By phone, M-F 8:30am- 8pm EST,
Sat 9am-1pm EST; website chat M-F 8:30am-5pm EST
By phone, email, website chat, text & social media
M-F 8am- 7pm CST
Sat 9am-6pm CST
By phone
M-F 8am- 10pm EST
Sat 10am- 6:30pm EST
By phone, website chat and social media 24/7By email, website
chat and phone, M-F 7am-7pm MST, Sat
10am-2pm MST; claims processed 7 days/week
By phone and email

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